Everything you want to know about a washing machine drum

A washing machine drum is one of the most integral parts of any washing machine. It is a cylindrical container with a lid that spins around during the washing cycle to clean clothes. It also helps to drain away the dirty water from the clothes.


The material used to make the washing machine drum can vary. Some drums are made from stainless steel, and others are made from plastic. The drums are perforated so that the water and detergent can flow through it, and it also helps to prevent items from getting tangled up in the cycle.


Modern washers now often include a variety of added features that enhance the overall performance of the machine. These include pre-soak settings, cycle options for specific fabric types, and special protective features on the drum.


The size of the drum is an important consideration when purchasing a washing machine. Drum sizes range from 6kg (about 3 gallons) to 12kg (about 5 gallons). Some machines now have drums that can hold up to 14kg (about 7 gallons).


One of the advantages of a larger drum is the ability to fit in more items during a cycle. It also helps reduce the number of loads that need to be done, saving time, energy and water.


When using a washing machine, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to maximize performance and longevity of the machine’s drum. It is important to make sure that all buttons, dials and settings are correctly set for the load size and type. Adding too much detergent can also lead to an over-washing of the clothes, which could cause the drum to become damaged.


It is also important to clean the drum from time to time. Washing machines can become cluttered with dirt and lint, which can limit the performance of the machine over time. A good cleaning of the drum ensures that the machine runs efficiently and reduces wear and tear on the drum.


Washing machine drums are one of the most important parts of the machine. It is important to take good care of the drum in order to ensure optimal performance and life span of the machine. By making sure all settings are correct, only adding the appropriate amount of detergent, and regularly cleaning the drum, a washing machine can remain in good condition for years to come.