IFB Washing Machines - Quality and Convenience

IFB washing machines provide unmatched quality and convenience to millions of users across the world. IFB washing machines come in all shapes and sizes, from top-load to front-load. The IFB washing machines are lauded for their extreme durability, powerful performance, and reliable service.

Coimbatore Service Center: Professional, Reliable, and Comprehensive IFB Washing Machine Installation, Repair, and Service in Coimbatore

If you live in Coimbatore, you can enjoy the highest level of convenience and satisfaction with Coimbatore Service Center, a professional IFB washing machine installation, repair, and service provider. Kovaiservice is the leading provider of installations, repairs, and services for IFB washing machines in Coimbatore.

IFB washing machine installation

Coimbatore Service Center offers professional and reliable IFB washing machine installation in Coimbatore. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians can install your IFB washing machine quickly and efficiently. We provide a complete installation service that includes delivery, installation, testing, and training. With Kovaiservice, you can rest assured that your IFB washing machine is properly installed and ready to provide you with years of reliable service.

IFB Washing machine Service in Coimbatore
IFB Washing machine repair in Coimbatore

Comprehensive Line of Services and Experienced Technicians

Coimbatore Service Center also provides a comprehensive line of repair and service for IFB washing machines in Coimbatore. Our experienced technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of IFB appliances and can quickly diagnose and repair any issues you may have with your washing machine. We offer a wide range of services including repairs, preventive maintenance, and parts replacement. We also provide spare parts and accessories for all IFB washing machines.

Best Service for Your IFB Washing Machine

Coimbatore Service Center provides the best service for your IFB washing machine in Coimbatore. We use genuine spare parts and employ experienced technicians who have extensive knowledge of IFB washing machines. Our technicians are also trained to use specialized tools and equipment to ensure your IFB washing machine is repaired and serviced to the highest standards.

With Coimbatore Service Center, you can rest assured that your IFB washing machine is in safe hands. We provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective service that will keep your IFB washing machine running in perfect condition for years to come.

IFB washing machines repair Coimbatore

Do you need an urgent IFB washing machine repair in Coimbatore, but there is no way to take the faulty equipment to the service yourself? In this case, you should contact our specialists. We can eliminate any malfunction. Unlike other workshops, we send the technician to the client's home in a short time, so the breakdown will not interrupt your usual life rhythm for a long time.

The IFB washing machines repair price depends on the complexity of the fault. Our service center has direct access to suppliers of original spare parts and their analogs, so the final cost of all repair operations will be much cheaper. Turning to the Coimbatore Service Center, you transfer your equipment to reliable hands. You can order services by calling the contact number indicated on the website.

IFB washing machine error codes

1 E 01 An indication to opsen and close the door properly
2 E 02 An indication to turn the water tap ON
3 E 03 An indication to turn the water tap ON
4 E 04 The code indicates that the washer will restart after about 30 min
5 E 05 Low inlet water temperature / low input voltage
6 E 06 An indication to clean coin trap
7 dLEr Switch OFF the program selector
8 dLAY Meaning that the start mode will be delayed
9 tACO / trC Program selector must be switched OFF with a 2-second waiting time
10 OFEr / Pr5 Switch OFF the program selector and wait for 2S before restarting.
11 ACHi voltage DECREASES
12 ACLo voltage INCREASES
13 UnbL The code indicates that the laundry load is small
14 door The door should be opened or closed properly

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does it take to be a mechanic?

After filling out an application on the website or our operator by phone, within a 5-minute call transferred to a mechanic, he will immediately go to you. The average time of arrival to the client is 40-50 minutes.

How can I find out how much the repair will cost?

If you specifically know which node of your equipment is out of order, then the exact prices for services are indicated on the website. The cost of components can be obtained from the brand and model of the device.

How much does a diagnostic cost?

Our company diagnostic and service price is 200 to 400 Rupees

Will the mechanic have parts for my technique?

The mechanic holds with him a set of parts for the most frequent breakdowns, such as, for example, a heating element or a pump. In other cases, the mechanic will go to the nearest store, write out the necessary components and immediately return and carry out the installation. All your defective parts will remain with you. We do not take them.

Reasons for the error in the IFB washing machine?

  • Poor Drainage: A poor drainage system can cause water to accumulate in the washing machine and eventually lead to an error code or failure to complete the cycle.
  • Clogged Inlet Hose: A blocked inlet hose can cause water not to fill the machine, resulting in an error code.
  • Faulty Wiring: If the wiring is damaged, the machine may not be able to detect a signal from the user or detect when a cycle is completed, resulting in an error code.
  • Faulty Pulsator: If the pulsator is not working correctly, the washing machine may fail to agitate the clothes, resulting in an error code.
  • Faulty Heater Relay: If the heater relay is not working correctly, it will fail to heat the water, resulting in an error code.
  • Faulty Water Level Sensor: If the water level sensor is not working correctly, it will not be able to detect the correct water level, resulting in an error code.

How do I service IFB washing machine?

  • Unplug the washing machine from the mains.
  • Clean the machine with a damp cloth.
  • Open the lint filter and clean it with a brush.
  • Remove any dirt and lint from the drum.
  • Check the door seal and clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Apply a few drops of washing machine oil on the detergent and softener drawer.
  • Clean the detergent and softener tray with a damp cloth.
  • Check the water inlet and water drain hose and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the water level sensor and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the water pressure switch and motor replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the rubber gasket inside the door with a damp cloth.
  • Run a hot water cycle with half a cup of white vinegar. That will remove any lint or dirt from the inside of the machine.
  • Run a hot water cycle with half a cup of baking soda. That will remove any doors from the inside of the machine.

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