Samsung washing machine service Coimbatore

samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore

You can call an experienced craftsman who will repair your Samsung washing machine by phone: 9092404427. The departure of a specialist is possible on the day of the request. The problem was fixed in a short time.

We are ready to service Samsung washing machines of any complexity and all models. We also do connectivity. In our spare parts store, you can find the necessary parts that will come in handy if you still make decisions, focusing on your experience and skills, to repair the machine yourself. But know that we will not leave you in trouble and will always come to the rescue.

Our experts have extensive practical experience in dropping difficulties at the customer's home. Turning to Coimbatore Service Center client receives the necessary service, such as:

  • Samsung washing machine installation,
  • Complex diagnostics,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Comprehensive advice regarding the operation of the device.

The convenience of applying, the prompt departure of a specialist, and the quick resolution of problems with equipment - All this is available to our customers at low cost with guaranteed high-quality Samsung washing machines service. Call 9092404427 or write via the form on the website.

samsung washing machine service in Coimbatore
samsung washing machine repair in Coimbatore

Samsung washing machine repair Coimbatore

samsung washing machine repair in Coimbatore

One of the specializations of our service center is the repair of Samsung washing machines. Even though the equipment of this manufacturer is very popular with consumers and is famous for its high quality, it tends to fail. We accept orders around the clock by phone and from the site. Call us right now to find out the approximate cost of repairs and schedule an appointment for the arrival of the master.

Samsung washing machine is a reliable appliance with a service life of about 7-10 years. Lack of proper care or violation of the manufacturer's standard of use significantly reduces the machine's life.

Trying to repair yourself can aggravate the situation and increase the repair cost. That is why it is more expedient to entrust the repair of Samsung washing machines to the specialists of the Coimbatore Service Center. We repair the Samsung washing machine at the customer's home or in the workshop if necessary. We will help organize the delivery of the Samsung washing machine to the service. We carry out work with a guarantee & at low prices, so contacting Coimbatore Service Center will not burden your family budget.

Samsung washing machine error codes

1 1E Water level sensor Issue
2 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4 Motor defect
3 E4 Water supply error. The appliance is not detecting that the unit is filling with water.
4 4E1, 4E2 Water temperature issue
5 5E Water drainage issue. Water is not draining from appliance.
6 6E Water heater not functioning
7 6F Unknown: this is not an error code. Contact us about this.
8 8E Over current error
9 9E1, 9E2 Power error
10 AE Signal communication error between Main PCB and Sub PCB
11 bE Motor issue
12 bE1 Power button issue
13 B2/bE2 Control button issue
14 bE3 Button defective

Samsung washing machine error codes

15 CE Water cool down issue
16 dE, dE1 Door issue
17 dE2 On/Off switch error
18 FE Fan error
19 H1, HE Water temperature issue
20 HE1 Water heater not functioning
21 HE2 Dryer heater not functioning
22 HE3 Steam function does not operate normally
23 HOT Appliance too hot
24 LE, LE1 Natural drain/Water leak - Low water level detected during cycle.
25 OE, OF Overflow error
26 tE, tE1, tE2, tE3 Temperature sensor issue
27 UC Excessive fluctuation in the supply voltage
28 UE Unbalanced error - The load in the drum is unbalanced.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I get service on my Samsung washing machine?

You can contact Coimbatore Service Center Department by calling 9092404427. You can also visit their website.

Why are Samsung wash cycles so long?

Samsung wash cycles are typically longer than other brands because Samsung uses a more extensive washing process. That includes extra water rinsing cycles, more powerful tumbling motions, and precise temperature and water level control. That helps to ensure that your clothes come out cleaner and fresher.

What is the lifespan of a Samsung washing machine?

The lifespan of a Samsung washing machine can vary depending on usage and maintenance, but generally, it can range from 8 - 15 years.

How do I reduce the time on my Samsung washing machine?

If your Samsung washing machine has a delay start or time delay function, you can use this to reduce the time it takes for the wash cycle. Additionally, you can use the quick wash cycle to reduce the time it takes for the wash cycle. Finally, if you are washing a small load, You can select the appropriate cycle/setting to reduce the time.

Types of breakdowns of the Samsung brand

Samsung washing machines are highly reliable and have many engaging features. However, the abundance of electronics plays against the brand when repairing household appliances. The following are the symptoms that occur on Samsung washing machines.

Doesn't close, doesn't open, doesn't block

Most likely, the problem is in the hatch-blocking device, lock, or control module.

Doesn't heat water

In this case, the heating element (heater) or temperature sensor is most often to blame.

Does not drain water

It is worth sinning on a drain pump, a water level sensor, or a blockage in the drain system.

Noisy when spinning

This symptom is typical for broken bearings, a stuck foreign object, or shock absorbers.

Doesn't flood water

Most often, filling valves, a water level sensor, or a control module are to blame.


Leaks can occur anywhere and anytime at the beginning of the wash valves and pipes. In the middle, the cuff of the hatch is leaking. The end of the drain system is to blame.

Doesn't start washing

The Samsung washing machine may not lock up and not start washing, there may also be no water, or the board may be damaged.

Drum not spinning

In this case, the engine is to blame (usually brushes), the belt or tachometer.

Reasons why Samsung washing machines break down:

Failure to comply with the rules of use specified in the instructions is the cause of 99% of malfunctions.

  • The most common failure of this equipment is the water supply and drain system. It fails due to the breakdown of hoses, pumps, and clogged filters,
  • Small otherworldly objects (coins, buttons, jewelry) get into the drum. Therefore, before filling the machine, always check the pockets,
  • Burnt TEN. Over time, the heating elements become unusable. In such cases, they replaced,
  • Hard water. The water of not the best quality flows in the water supply system of Coimbatore. It clogs filters and damages pumps. If it is possible to repair the pump, the mechanic will do it at home. If this is not possible, It is replaced,
  • Worn bearings. During the operation of the washing machine, the bearing becomes unusable. They deform and fail. It replaced.
  • Defective electronic module. Due to voltage fluctuations in the network, it can burn out or fail,
  • The drum does not work,
  • The washing machine door is blocked, etc.
  • One of the most common causes of washing machine breakdowns is misused. Experts recommend reading the recommendations on the use of equipment given by the manufacturer.

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