LG washing machine installation Coimbatore

LG washing machine installation in Coimbatore

Installing an LG washing machine in your home or apartment is a great way to make your life easier and more comfortable. You will be sure of the correctness, reliability, and high quality of all work performed. Proper installation of the LG washing machine begins with the choice of location. The price of the LG washing machine installation will depend on its model, weight, dimensions, degree of readiness of the installation site, the urgency of the order, and several other points. The master will name the final price only after getting acquainted with all the details of the upcoming work.

LG washing machine installation in Coimbatore
LG washing machine service in Coimbatore

LG washing machine service Coimbatore

LG washing machine service in Coimbatore

Our company delivers professional and affordable LG washing machine service in Coimbatore. After leaving the request, our professional will come to your home. He will diagnose the defective equipment and conduct repair work. During the repair process, we use high-quality materials and original spare parts. Moreover, all work gives a three-month warranty, and when repairs with us, diagnostics are free.

Even the highest quality equipment can repair over time, as parts wear out during operation. LG washing machine repair is necessary in several cases - if the machine starts to make a lot of noise and vibrate, does not heat up or drain water, or leaks. Any malfunction in the operation of the washing machine is a reason to call a mechanic. Thanks to their qualifications and experience, the specialists of our service center quickly and efficiently eliminate faults, guaranteeing the quality of work and the parts used.

LG washing machine repair Coimbatore

LG washing machine repair in Coimbatore

LG washing machines are highly reliable and have a long service life. Unfortunately, if you violated an operating rule or the result of the natural wear of parts, malfunctions may occur after a while. Repair of LG washing machine is required if:

  • It is not possible to change the washing program,
  • The device does not turn on or turn off spontaneously,
  • No water drain,
  • During operation, extraneous noises, hums, or rattles.
  • Bearing failure,
  • Failures in the function of the control electronics,
  • Drain pump damage.

Do not attempt to resolve the problem yourself, as this may worsen the Situation and cause injury. Disconnect the appliance from the mains and turn off the water supply, then call the technician to the house.

LG washing machine repair in Coimbatore

LG washing machine error codes

1 PE Water level sensor error (pressure switch)
2 F.E. Tank overflow
3 dE Hatch door not closed
4 IE Water does not enter the tank
5 OE No water drain
6 UE Drum imbalance
7 tE Invalid water temperature
8 LE Lock error
9 CE Drive motor overload
10 E3 Load detection error
11 AE Auto power off error
12 E1 Leakage of water in the CM pan
13 HE Faulty water heater
14 SE Drive motor hall sensor error

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do LG washing machines need servicing?

Yes, LG washing machines need servicing just like any other appliance. Regular maintenance and service will help keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

What is the average life of an LG washing machine?

The average life of an LG washing machine is approximately 10 to 13 years.

What is the average cost of LG washing machine repair?

The average cost of LG washing machine repair is between 300 and 400 Rupees, depending on the type of repair and the specific model of the washing machine.

Where is the best LG washing machine service center?

The best LG washing machine service center will depend on your location. You can search online for the nearest LG service center in your area.

Popular types of repairs

LG Washing machines are most popular in Coimbatore. Many people purchased LG washing machines. However, like all technology in the world, even LG washing machines tend to break down. Below is a list of the most frequently performed repairs.

Replacing the heating element

LG Washing machines are most popular in Coimbatore. Many people purchased LG washing machines. However, like all technology in the world, even LG washing machines tend to break down. Below is a list of the most frequently performed repairs.

Control board repair

The control board is responsible for taking information from sensors and issuing commands to various devices, such as solenoid valves.

Bearing replacement

Bearings changed in case of noise during the spin cycle. If the bearing is not changed, the machine while the drum will jam.

Elimination of leaks

Leaks happen all the time and anywhere in the washing machine. Any branch pipe, hatch cuff, drain pump, or powder tray can leak. Sometimes the tanks even crack.

Drain pump replacement

The pump changed in case of problems in the operation of the drain system. For example, the machine does not drain well or does not drain water at all.

LG Washing Machine Maintenance Recommendations

In order for the LG washing machine to work for many years without significant problems, you should perform its regular maintenance:

  • After each wash, it is necessary to wipe the door and the inside of the rubber cuff, the outer surfaces of the case, leave the hatch and the loading tray open for some time to evaporate excess moisture,
  • Cleaning machine outside (do not use ethyl alcohol, solvents, or aggressive cleaning agents),
  • Cleaning the inlet filter should be carried out with high hardness or contamination of tap water - to do this, turn off the water supply tap, remove the supply hose, unscrew the filter and clean it with a brush,
  • Clean the dispenser and drum as they become dirty,
  • The drain filter cleaning is significant because small objects and various contaminants accumulate in it - to do this, open the cover at the bottom of the front panel, unscrew the filter and clean it of foreign objects.
  • Repairing your LG washing machine yourself can only exacerbate the problem and lead to even more costly repairs. An experienced professional technician will quickly determine the cause of the breakdown and promptly eliminate it.

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